Malaysia Police Detain 3 Officers Accused of Raping Indonesian Worker

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Malaysian Police have suspended and temporarily detained three officers accused of gang-raping an Indonesian woman working illegally in the country, an Indonesian official said on Monday.

“Since the start [when the report was filed on Friday], they have been suspended from work,” Suryana Sastradiredja, spokesman of the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur, told the Jakarta Globe on Monday.

“They have also been temporarily detained for seven days for questioning. In Malaysian terms it’s called ‘direman.’”

According to Suryana, the 25 year-old Indonesian woman was allegedly raped by the three policemen from Balai Polis Prai in Negeri Pulau Pinang on Friday.

The victim told Suryana that she was about to go home with her boyfriend when the three police officers demanded her to show her immigration documents. The victim could only show her passport, but was not in possession of a working permit or a temporary residence permit. She has been in Malaysia since 2011.

The policemen then took her to police station, where they allegedly took turns raping her.

Suryana said that two of the three alleged perpetrators were still under the mandatory probation period as new police officers.

“They are still very young,” Suryana said, refusing to identify further the alleged perpetrators. “The other one could not be said as young.”

The Indonesian Embassy also filed a formal complaint on Monday.
“We filed an informal complaint yesterday [Sunday] as the office was closed, but today we sent the official complaint. The protest note was sent by the ambassador to the Malaysian government. We demanded a transparent investigation into the case.”

Malaysian Police Criminal Investigation Department Chief Mazlan Kesah said on Sunday, as quoted by, that the Indonesian government need not worry as the investigation process would be thorough and fair, and that the alleged perpetrators would not be protected even though they were police officers.
“After the completion of the investigation, we will send the report to the deputy public prosecutor for further action,” he was quoted as saying.

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