Citizens of Indonesia Victims of Terror Batman So Three

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


Terror sadistic in the premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises claimed the lives of Indonesian citizens. Incidentally all three victims were fathers, mothers, and their son, who was enjoying the movie premiere was at the cinema box office Century Aurora, Colorado, Denver.

These three citizens who are victims of the shooting is Anggiat M. Situmeang, 45 years; his wife, Rita Paulina Situmeang (45), and their son, Et Patria Situmeang Prodeo (15).

According to Sri Wahyuni, Protocol and Consular Consul Consulate General in Los Angeles, the worst victims are the mother, Rita Situmeang. He suffered gunshot wounds in the left arm and left leg, and suffered cracks in the shin. Rita is currently hospitalized Situmeang Denver Health Medical Center.

Her husband, Anggiat, suffered only bruises on the left eye caused by debris that hit the wall and the bullet grazed his eyes when he fled to get out of the cinema. While the couple’s son, Prodeo, is currently hospitalized in the University of Colorado. He was in stable condition after suffering a gunshot wound in the lower back left side.

Alleged offender’s full name is James Eagan Holmes, 24 years old. He was known as a smart and outstanding student, doctoral program participants at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora.

According to witnesses, James threw two tear gas canisters into the crowd of spectators who were seated 20 minutes to watch movies at the cinema. Sri Wahyuni ​​explained to Tempo, before the shooting, there are clouds of gas and smoke hissing sound.

That’s when James Holmes their weapons into the audience. The atmosphere was dark and the noise started to occur. The audience is fleeing through the exit. At that moment a stray bullets began to invade them.

When arrested, James is wearing a black bulletproof clothing, helmeted and flak jacket, and wore masks and black gloves antigas, told police that he was “The Joker”.

המוסד Rezim 88 קומו ..

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