Thursday, June 28th, 2012

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency believes China is developing weapons programs that could be used against satellites and that Russia also has been working on a technology to disrupt or even disable the U.S. saletit. China is developing a missile (ASAT Anti-Satellite Weapon =) and electronic jammers that can destroy space satellites. 


As we noted earlier, China’s has been testing their anti-satellite missile capabilities in 2007. The missile is capable of destroying their own satellites. Estimated that only takes as much as 20 times the Chinese anti-satellite missile attack to destroy American satellites, which can eventually cause serious disruption to the entire U.S. military operations. Almost all U.S. military operations depend to their satellite. China spent $ 183 billion dollars in 2011 and then to their military. 


Beidou GPS China proclaimed that he had built a modern military force capable of protecting the integrity, territory, sovereignty, unity and guiding their psinsip. China’s Beidou GPS System will launch this year but it only covers the region and will include globally in 2020. The GPS system will get rid of their dependence on the network of the world’s largest satellite navigation which is owned by the United States. Russia also has developed technology that can disrupt or even disable U.S. satellites used for navigation, communications and intelligence.

Weapon and Technology 

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