Saudi Arabia Want to buy 800 Leopard tanks from Germany

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

FRANKFURT – Saudi Arabia plans to buy Leopard main battle tanks from Germany was far greater than originally expected. The latest news said the oil-rich country intends to purchase approximately 600-800 units of the German Leopard tanks.

Thus rumored German newspaper Bild am Sonntag on Sunday (6/17/2012). Prior to this, the news circulated only mention of Saudi Arabia to buy 300 units of main battle tanks.

With this latest contract, the purchase is estimated to be worth a total of 10 billion euros (Rp 118.5 trillion), which means it will be one of the biggest purchases a means of defense contract ever received by Germany. Leopard tanks will be manufactured in Spain under license from Germany.

Until now, the plan was still opposed by the purchase of the German Chancellor’s Office, Ministry of Defense and the German Foreign Ministry. However, the German Economics Ministry fully supports the plan.

Saudi Arabia’s own party wants the whole contract was signed before entering the month of Ramadan, July 20. The first contract for the purchase of 300 tanks was reportedly ready to be signed first.

(Regime 88)

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