rusia already sell battle airplane to syria !!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012



MOSCOW – A Russian media reports, the Russian government has signed contracts to sell fighter planes to Syria.

The sale is a form of Russian support to Syria who were experiencing domestic political turmoil.

Source anonymity said the agreement between the Government of Russia and Syria related to the sale of 36 aircraft including the payment of the 130 crew who will send the plane reached USD550 million, or approximately Rp 4, 9 trillion (USD 8945 per USD). Similarly, as reported by The Washington Post, Monday (01/23/2012).

Russian Foreign Minister said last week that Moscow did not feel the need to explain or answer the suspicions related to the delivery of ammunition to Syria.

Syrian crisis is still not found a solution to the present. Arab League efforts to send a monitoring team to Syria rated not able to stop the violence in the country.

Recent reports Syrian Arab League rejected the new plan is proposed that President Bashar al-Assad resign from office and replaced by the Vice President. The Arab League also proposed that the formation of an interim government before elections (the elections) President held.

For Syria’s proposal is a form of intervention that can not be accepted. Behind accused Syria, the Arab League was behind the protests that took place in the country.

If the story is proven true, then the Russian government proved ignoring international efforts to pressure the government regime of President Bashar al-Assad is accused of responsibility for the killing of more than five thousand people in Syria.

(Reziim 88)

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