Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

There is a growing impatience of the top DHS and administration officials. It’s easy to recognize instructional commands that legitimately serve national security. Instead of serving legitimate national security threats, it’s about protecting individuals in our government, and not our country or the people. DHS and certain agencies under DHS have evolved into a personal security apparatus of government officials, it’s that simple,” he stated.

DHS is very busy monitoring people and groups considered threats to this administration, not our country. FISA is disregarded, as is the general rule of law, something with which this department, under this administration, remains unconcerned. The ends, which are questionable at best, justify the means in all cases,” stated this source.


Dear Assain  news mossad 897

Our tiger of asia will bring all agencies to launch a special news about acts of corruption, and convicted of corruption in the opportunity of cooperation this time .. we aim to bring together for the petindak mengespos corrupt until they hit the maximum death penalty .. chances are we fighting for the fate of the poor that many Asian countries because governments can not fight cruelty against corruption is purely soul is a call to fight for the fate of the little people

@ המוסד Rezim 88 קומו …

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