Pakistan, i taleban uccidono la cantante “scomunicata”

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Murdered by hired assassins
Ghazala Javed, 23,
idol of pop music


Ghazala Javed was called and it was the most popular singer of Pakistan Pashtuns. They killed yesterday in Peshawar, with six shots, from a team of four men on motorcycles. The claim is not there yet, but the track is more likely that the Taliban. Who had threatened several times. For the simple reason that he sang, against the precepts of the Koran and Sharia law. Ghazala had fled his village in Swat Valley, now under the control of militants in order to continue his career. But it was not enough. They reached the big city where he achieved success and warm.

Police confirm “that was reached by six shots straight out of a beauty salon.” The first investigations were focused on the track, however, familiar with ex-husband as prime suspect. But a cousin of the girl, Wajid Omer, who plays the harmonica in Peshawar, said that “she was killed by unknown persons. It was four on two motorbikes. They also shot the father, who was with her. I think they were religious fanatics. ” Her sister, she on the spot, instead admitted to the hospital, in shock. “Can not bear the pain – Wajid says sadly – I have two funerals in the home at the same time. It is a hit too hard. “

Ghazala, from the village of Banrr, in the Swat valley, was the most popular singer in the Khyber region, and known throughout Pakistan, not only between boys and girls, but also at an older audience. He was respected by his fans, also for the courage shown after threats of the Taliban. Its implementation will have a tremendous impact on young people, and above all the other singers, terrorized by Islamists.

Anila, a disciple of his, says that may no longer have the courage to perform in public: “I am shocked. I cried. But I’m also scared and wonder if I can continue my career. ” Then, after a break, “Ghazala would have certainly continued, however, was so beautiful and brave.” Most of the singers in the region did not express their feelings openly. But we certainly feel the threat hanging over them. One, who wishes to remain anonymous, admits, “may strike us simply because we commented on the news of his death. But we have to honor it. It was a great example for young singers and a great companion for me. “

The music industry in the region of Khyber is not very friendly to artists, musicians and poets in general. In addition to the pressures of religious, there are other family or social order. And so the potential remains untapped talent of Pashtun music. One of the most important producers already regrets Ghazala: “He had an exceptional talent. Just started was immediately followed her in public. Maybe at the listeners were attracted by her beauty, but the number of fans in the region continued to grow at an incredible, for the angelic sound of his voice, his sense of music and rhythm. ” Ghazala was also admired for his courage to perform in public, despite the continued threats, “now his death is a shock, very violent,” he concludes.

Ghazala Javaid was really a wonderful girl Pashtun and his passing is a blow for his fans all over Pakistan, but the pain goes beyond the circle of his admirers, that Islamist terror has passed another threshold that seemed insurmountable .

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