Serial Study of Extreme Shia Nushairiyah: Dismantling the Syrian regime perversity and cruelty

Friday, June 22nd, 2012


Developments Nushairiyah

Figures who were most responsible for spreading the cult Nushairiyah since the time of its founder are as follows:
Syu’aib Muhammad bin Abu An-Numairi Nushair, the founder of this movement. He claimed he was a prophet and al-section connecting the Shiites with their eleventh Imam, Abul Hasan al-Askari, and their last, Muhammad Al-Mahdi bin Abul Hasan al-Askari. He believes Ali and his descendants were priests of God, believe in reincarnation, justify homosexuality and married with a mahram. Samira as she took the city center of movement, until he died in 260 H (or H 270 years according to some historians).
Both leaders and propagandists are Muhammad bin Jundab. Life history and propaganda, and how big role for the development of Nushairiyah movement is still too complicated to be disclosed. But the group acknowledged as the second-Nushairiyah them.
Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Hanan Al-Janbalani is a successor to replace him as al-chapter. He lived in the area Janbalan, Iran and form a Shi’ite Sufi order called the congregation Janbalaniyah. Nushairiyah he led until he died in 287 H.
Husayn ibn Ali ibn Husayn ibn Hamdan Al-Khusaibi. Al-Jambalani recruited him as chief disciples as he spread his thoughts on Egypt. Al-Khusaibi followed his teacher to Janbalan, steeped in the teachings of his sect, to be appointed as a substitute teacher. He then left Iran and went to Iraq. He spread his message and his sect led by Baghdad as the center of the movement to use the influence of the Bani Buwaih. When the power is controlled by the Bani Abbasid daulah Buwaih, an extreme Shiite clan from Persia. As a ruler wing extremist Shi’ites, Bani Buwaih use of political power, economic, and military to support all Shiite movement, including Nushairiyah and Isma’ili Shi’ite. No wonder if during the 113 years of the reign of Bani Buwaih, 334-447 (945-1055 AD), Nushairiyah get the freedom to move and to disseminate his teachings. Therefore, the group considered the rulers of Bani Nushairiyah Buwaih is their holy leader

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Al-Khushaibi then traveled to various regions in order to spread the network of his sect. In the end, he took the city Halb (Alepo) in Syria as a center of motion. This is because the movement had the full backing of the ruling daulah Hamdaniyah, Saifud Daulah Hamdan bin Ali Al-Hamdani. Al-Khushaibi is a figure who compiled and wrote down the basics of teaching Nushairiyah. The Al-Hamdani Saifud Daulah, he presented two of his work which is the handbook Nushairiyah group, Al-Hidayah and Al-Maidah.
Shaikh Isa Sa’ud, the great scholars in the province Nushairiyah Ladziqiyah, writing in the magazine Al-Amani first and second edition (1930 AD) that thanks to the support Saifud Daulah, the military commanders, government officials, writers, and writers in droves to support Nushairiyah . Thanks also Saifud Daulah, Nushairiyah able to spread his message to Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and countries other non-Arab. At the same time, leadership daulah Abbasid caliphs in the Al-Mustakfi billah weakened. The opportunity was used by the best authorities in Iraq Buwaih Bani, Ahwaz, and Persian to disseminate Nushairiyah understand.
It is important to note, at that time there was a high official in Abbasids daulah the weight Nushairiyah sympathizers and supporters. He is the minister Ibn Furat Shiite wing. His full name was Abul Hasan Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Musa (241-312 H). He was a contemporary of the founders of the four main characters and propagandists Nushairiyah; Ibn an-Numairi Nushair, Jundab Ibn Al-Janbalani, and Al-Khushaibi. Ibn Furat was sentenced to death by the Caliph Al-Mu’tadhid billah and Al-Mu’tadir billah.
Al-Khushaibi Nushairiyah thus is the leader of the most brilliant and successful. He is the author and developer of the books Nushairiyah the parent handbook. Therefore, he called the sheikh’s ad-din. In spreading propaganda, he was assisted by pupils flagship, Thawil Umar (260-358 H). Al-Khushaibi died in the year 346 H. His grave in the northern city Halb is still diziarahi and considered sacred by the Nushairiyah.
After the death of Al-Khushaibi, Nushairiyah movement had two centers of motion: (a) of the largest centers in the movement of the characters Halb Muhammad bin Ali Al-Jaili. (B) motion centers in Baghdad to Ali Al-Jasri characters.

Nushairiyah movement center in Baghdad was destroyed along with the earth hanguskannya of Baghdad by the Mongols led Hulakho Khan, the year 656 H. Center is fully in motion Nushairiyah Halb, Syria. Leadership in Halb Nushairiyah ultimately held by Abu Sa’id Al-Qasim bin Maimun Surur Thabrani Ath-progressors are leaders of this movement. He was born in the city Thabariyah, north of Palestine in the year 358 H. He moved to Halb and learning directly to Muhammad bin Ali Al-Jaili, until eventually became his successor as leader and congregation Janbalaniyah Nushairiyah. He then moved to the center of the movement of Halb province because of the incessant attacks Ladzikiyah tribes of Kurdish and Turkish Muslims to them. The tribes of the Kurdish and Turkish jihad for infidelity meIawan Nushairiyah group. Abu Sa’id Al-Maimun died in the year 426 H. Diziarahi grave and sanctified by his followers to this day.
After that leadership Nushairiyah went, until finally held by the governor Hasan Makzun As-An-Nushairi Sinjari. Nushairiyah troop strength by 50,000 troops, plus the combined sect Aghan Khan Ismailis, he managed to expel the Kurdish tribes and seized a mountain fortress Nushairiyah and Kalbiyah and Abu Qubais Ladzikiyah province. The incident occurred in the year 620 H. He was a religious and military leader who managed to establish his Nushairiyah mountains in the province as a center Ladzikiyah Nushairiyah movement. He urged the Kurds to the region ‘Acre, Lebanon. Movement center in Abu Qubais fort. He compiled and rewrote the teachings Nushairiyah, until he died in 638 H. His grave in the village of Kafr Difficult diziarahi near the Golan Heights and sanctified by his followers to this day.
During the course of the Crusades and the Mongol attack, the group left the mountains Nushairiyah Ladziqiyah province and move to areas daaerah beach. This was to assist the movement of European Crusaders and Mongols to destroy the idolatrous army of the Muslims in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. Nushairiyah contemporary writer, Muhammad Amin Ghalib Ath-Thawil explained that at the time, mingle with the living Nushariyah European Crusaders. He writes in his book Tarikh Al-‘Alawiyyin, “So that the Alawi has special virtues and special traits that resemble the entire Arab and Turkish groups, such as the AD group (Christians can-edt), Jewish, Roman, etc.
When the European Crusaders were expelled from the earth been able to Sham by Islamic forces, the group returned to the mountains and Nushairiyah launched their rebellion by stealth. They’ve re-launched a blatant attack on the Muslims, when the Mongol army led Lank East (1336-1405 AD) swept the Islamic world. Nushairiyah group, together with the Lank East wing extremist Shi’ites to destroy the Muslims in the Sham and Iraq. East Lank to destruction, burning, and the infamous massacre of the Muslims conquered Damascus and Baghdad now. Eastern heinous conspiracy Nushairiyah with Lank is admitted by the leaders and writers Nushairiyah, such as Muhammad Amin Thawil Ath-Ghalib in his Tarikh al-‘Alawiyyin. This event is also recorded by historians and scholars of comparative religion and sects, such as Prof. DR. Muhammad Abu Zahra Al-Madzahib in his book Al-Islamiyya and Al-Amin in his book An-Raihani Nakbat: Khulashah Suriyah mundzu Tarikh al-‘ahd al-li-thufan awwal ila al-‘ ahd al-bi-Lubnan jumhury.
Islamic leaders have repeatedly tried and mentarbiyah mendakwahi them to return to the truth. The first attempt made by the sultan Al-Ayubi Shalahudin (Ayyubid daulah) after defeating the Crusaders of Europe. He built a mosque in every village Nushairiyah, mendakwahi them until they reveal a return to Islam. He obliged them to pray, shaum Ramadan and other Islamic obligations. The second attempt made by the sultan Zahir Baybars (daulah Mamalik) after defeating the Mongol armies of the country Sham. And the third attempt by the Ottoman sultan Al-Salim (Ottoman daulah) after defeating them in the long jihad. Each time the group was defeated in the jihad and Nushairiyah didakwahi and ditarbiyah, they reveal Islam, prayer, Ramadan shaum, forbids homosexual and liquor, and carry out other duties of Islam. Yet so powerful Muslim rulers are replaced by the rulers of the weak, the group returned Nushairiyah apostate. They destroy the mosques and make it as a landfill. International wanderer, Ibn Battuta, a living on it while visiting the country in the 9th century Sham H, as he wrote in The Encyclopedia of his wanderings, Tuhfatun Nazhar Gharaibil Amshar wa fi ‘Ajaibil Asfar.
In the last century, the governor of Egypt under Ottoman power Daulah, Ibrahim bin Muhammad Ali Basya Basya repeating the propaganda and efforts of the group Nushairiyah tarbiyah. He built mosques and madrassas, sending the preachers so they go Isam, obliged them to pray, shaum, leaving gay and liquor, and obeying other Islamic Shari’a. At the time of weakness, they reveal Islam. But when they successfully raised forces, they re-lapsed, burning mosques and madrassas, and the military coup in 1834 AD in the province Ladzikiyah. They can put down the rebellion by Ibrahim Basya.
Recent efforts made by the Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman daulah by lifting Dhiya ‘Basya to run the program mission, tarbiyah, and ishlah as has been repeatedly made by the previous Islamic rulers. The results of all these efforts is simply a repetition of what had happened. So weakened the power of the Ottoman daulah, they returned apostates and enemies of the Muslims. Moreover, after the daulah Ustmaniyah has been dominated by nationalist-secularist Turks and teribat middle of World War I against the invaders saibis Britain, France and its allies. No wonder the back conspiring Nushairiyah group with France and Britain.
Nushairiyah group repeatedly attacked Islam and rebellion against authority. Among the examples is large Nushairiyah year rebellion in the land of Sham H 717 under the leadership of someone claiming to be Mohammed ibn Hasan Al-Mahdi Al-Qaim bi-Amrillah.Mereka Jabalah captured the province, massacring its people, tear down the mosques and make it as a stall liquor shops. Their motto is La ilaha Illa ‘Aliyy, wa laa hijaaba Muhammad illa, illa wa laa Baab Salman (There is no god has the right to be worshiped except Ali, there is no al-hijab (the messenger of God) other than Muhammad, and no al-chapter (intermediary the messenger of God to man) than Salman. They revile the Companions Abu Bakr and Umar, and they force every Muslim prisoner to testify: “There is no god has the right to be worshiped but Ali, my Lord I bow to the Al-Mahdi The Turning Off again …” (Ibn Kathir, Al-wan Bidayah Nihayah, 14/83-84)
At the time of the French colonialists occupied Syria in 1920 AD, the French captain head office inteijen Blondel gathered with leaders in Ladzikiyah Nushairiyah. They agreed to make Ladzikiyah province (central Nushairiyah movement) as an independent state and secede from the country of Syria. Then the group Nushairiyah Ladzikiyah proclaimed the state, with Sulaiman Al-Murshid (Nushairiyah great leader at the time) as its president. At the suggestion of England, Sulaiman Al-Murshid claim is Ilah (God the right to be worshiped). To that end, the French presidency to design a suit in which the electronic circuit fitted with a battery and switch the stone was in his jacket pocket. Just simply press the switch in his pocket, then flashes of light from an electric circuit in a coat. At that moment, all followers of the French intelligence service Nushairiyah and prostrating to Sulaiman Al-Murshid by reading the prayer: “… thou art the God Anta Ilahii sesembahanku.”
In 1938 AD, the president of ‘God’ Nushairiyah, Sulaiman Al-Murshid, inaugurating the appointment of judges and the establishment of the armed forces to defend the country Nushairiyah Nushairiyah Ladzikiyah. When the country won independence Syria and expel the French invaders, the Syrian government was immediately put down the rebellion Nushairiyah. Syrian troops succeeded in undermining the state Ladzikiyah and Sulaiman Al-Murshid was caught in 1946 AD (1366 H). He was sentenced to death. Nushairiyah group then set up his son, Al-Murshid Mujib. As his father, Al-Murshid Mujib also claimed to be God. In 1951 AD, the Syrian intelligence services succeeded in killing Mujib Al-Murshid. Each time the slaughter of animals, followers Nushairiyah read the prayer: “In the name of Almighty Mujib, from hand to cut the neck of Abu Bakr and Umar.”
DR. Mujahid Al-Amin in his book, Al-‘Alawiyyun An aw-Nushairiyah, which include confidential documents Nushairiyah officially released by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs no. 3547 dated June 15, 1936 AD The document is an official letter to the group Nushairiyah Syrian prime minister of France. It was a petition to keep French troops in Syria, congratulations to the Jewish immigrants from around the world who go to Palestine, and the provocation to fight the Muslims. The letter was signed by the leaders of Syria in 1936 Nushairiyah; Sulaiman Al-Asad, Muhammad Sulaiman Al-Ahmad, Mahmud Agha Hadid, Aziz Agha Hawasy, ‘God, “Sulaiman Al-Murshid, Bek and Muhammad Junaid.
The Arab-Israeli war in 1967 AD, the Jews conspired with Nushairiyah back in the fight against the Muslims. Nushairiyah group of successful military coup and became the ruler of Syria’s socialist Baath party through the vehicle hand over the Golan Heights free of charge to the Jewish state of Israel. Figure-secret documents about the singularity and Nushairiyah Nushairiyah Syrian-Jewish conspiracy in the 1967 war Israel M was eventually leaked and published by the prime minister of Jordan, Sa’ad Monday, the same year in his book Mujtama’ul Karahiyah. In the document it is explained Nushairiyah, Nushairiyah believe that apostles and their al-chapter Syu’aib Muhammad bin Abu An-Numairi Nushair has been incarnated in the figure of a leader who is blind in one eye, came from the south, moving and conquered Damascus, then moved to north to give obedience to the Lord of the Blind in one eye. If the two Lord’s blind in one eye has berstu, undoubtedly his power will last for 70 years. According beliefs Nushairiyah leaders, Abu Syu’aib incarnated in the figure of Mose Dayan, Jewish Butcher. (Gomaa Saad, mujtama ‘Al-Karahiyah, p. 62-75)
After the death of the governor Hasan As-Sinjari Makzun, the group split in several centers Nushairiyah movement led by figures who dubbed sheikh. From one center to center ggerakan other movements are not intertwined relationship. It survived for hundreds of years. Until finally in 1966 AD, Nushairiyah managed to climb to the highest peak power in Syria. Riding the Baath socialist party, they do deliver a successful military coup and its leader, Hafez al-Assad became prime minister and then as president (1971-10 February 22 June 2000 M). He soon became an iron-handed dictator who makes Nushairiyah group that only 10% of the total population of Syria, to be in control all the affairs (politics, economy, military, educational, cultural, religious) in Syria. Since then, the slaughter by their grisly Syria embarked on a majority of the population who are Muslims from Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah schools. To cover up their apostasy, they adopted the name ‘Socialist Baath Party “,” development and freedom “and other false slogans. Now, the cruelty of the regime Bashar Al-Assad (June 10, 2000 – …) persist, continuing resentment Nushairiyah centuries religion of Islam and the Muslims.

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