The Tiger Zoo massacre of control in india

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

This is not a photo from the 19th century… this is 2012.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra India, a male tiger killed in its prime by organised poaching gangs, stalled by a metal trap, and later killed. its body cut into pieces with head and limbs missing. all to fuel the illegal demand of tiger body parts in China and S-E Asia. the Parliament needs to stop discussing cartoons and IPL, and take strong step against poaching…
shoot-at-sight orders in protected sanctuaries and reserves seems to be the only solution…
kill the heartless bastards…!!
the world is better without them.. and yes, please do not like this photo.


Each SHARE will increase awareness among all the people over the whole world. !!

I am a lover of animals demanded accountability from the agency .. until now there belim responsible party tiger news correspondent reported

By.: @Rezim 88          Thank you         

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