Taliban Open Representative Office in Qatar

Thursday, June 21st, 2012



Taliban planning to open offices overseas representatives . While it reached an agreement about it with Qatar. Representives in a neutral country is expected to facilitate peace negotiations.

For years America refused talks with the Taliban. However, since NATO has decided to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan until 2014, Americans understand that long-term stability in Afghanistan may only be realized with the Taliban. Efforts to negotiate with the Taliban had been pioneered President Hamid Karzai. The offer was eventually welcomed. A Taliban spokesman said on Tuesday (03/01) that the Taliban will establish a representative office in Qatar to help create a mutual understanding with the international community.
Concrete steps to establish a representative office in Qatar has been done. Taliban seem confident of its powers. In a written statement mentioned, the Taliban agreed to establish a political office for negotiations abroad, given the Taliban has a strong presence in the country Afghanistan.
At the same time, the Taliban insisted that they stick to the basic demands. All foreign troops should leave Afghanistan. Moreover, military action will not be stopped, even if a representative office in Qatar has been opened, bisara Taliban spokesman, Mujahid told news agency DPA.
Terror continues
Evidently, on the day of the announcement of plans to open representative, on Tuesday (03/01), a number of attacks rocked Kandahar. According to police, missile attacks and suicide bombings killed at least 24 people, including children.
Referring to the balance of this deadly, America remains on the claim that real peace talks only possible if the Taliban stop the violence, especially against civilians. Vice President Joe Biden emphasized in an interview with Newsweek that the Taliban must sever all ties with Al Qaeda.
The international community has also proposed requirements. Before the talks began, the Taliban have to break away from international terrorism, Afghanistan and also respecting human rights law. This is confirmed once again in a concluding statement at the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan, December 2011.
Mixed reception
Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry welcomed the plan to open a liaison office of the Taliban. Ministry spokesman, Janan Musazai said, “We welcome any steps that help and encourage the peace process in Afghanistan with a practical and meaningful way.”
Musazai asserted, the Afghan government strongly supports the idea of establishment of office of the Taliban, it is preferred if in Afghanistan. But given the current conditions, the government agreed on an official representative of the Taliban in other Muslim countries in the region, Qatar in this regard.
Peace Council of Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai formed with the task of bringing the parties to the conflict to the negotiating table, called the opening of the official representatives of the Taliban as a gesture of goodwill. Vice Chairman of the Board of the Peace, Ataullah Ludin said, “We welcome the Taliban’s willingness to open representative offices in Qatar. It was also one of our demands and we support this move.”
The people of Afghanistan observe these developments with mixed feelings. Much worry if the Taliban receive access to politics in Afghanistan, then the rights and freedoms will be buried. A Kabul resident says, “The liaison office can not bring peace. People do not know who led the Taliban, who are funded. They are not independent.”
Conversely, residents who saturated the bloodshed would welcome any gesture of reconciliation of the warring parties. Taliban representative office at least means no address can be contacted the Afghan government to submit proposals for the peace process.


Darryl Alisto

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