dr. Bashar al-Assad

Thursday, June 21st, 2012


dr. Bashar al-Assad (Arabic: بشار الأسد, Baššār al-Asad) (born in Damascus, Syria, 11 September 1965 aged 46 years) is the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Regional Secretary of the Baath Party, and the son of former President Hafiz al-Assad. Bashar succeeded his father as president of Syria soon after his death on June 10, 2000. ……………….. (Private life)

Assad is proficient in English and French language study at the school through elite Franco-Arab al-Hurriyet in Damascus (Syrian capital) also studied medicine at Damascus University School of Medicine. Graduated to become a doctor, specializing in ophthalmology (eye) on the London hospital education. He is married to Asma al-Akhras, a Syrian Shiite Muslim who lived in England since his birth and adult life. Assad his government supported by the governments of China and Russia, he embraced socialist ideals of communism. Many of the Muslims on the Syrians to feel oppressed and even killed in cold blood by the government mainly from among the Sunni. In the understanding of Islam, the Shia sect Isma’ilism Assad follow. Iran (Islamic Shiite Itsnaa Atsariyah) also joined in support of his government, and not speak out against the slaughter of Sunni Muslims. Shiite Iran and Syria are united though different sects but Sunni slaughter.


Ba’ath Party (Baath or Ba’th also read: Arabic: البعث) consists of severalpolitical parties representing the political side of the Ba’ath movement. At first the Ba’ath Party serves as a pan-Arab party with branches in several Arab countries. In 1996 the party split, one branch is based in Syria and one in Iraq. Both Ba’ath party has a parallel structure in the Arab world.

Ba’ath Party began to take power in Syria on March 8, 1963 and remains influential to this day; Ba’athis hold power in Iraq from February 1968 until 2003. After exclusion of de facto leader Saddam Hussein’s Baath in Iraq war in 2003, occupying Iraqi government banned the Ba’ath Party in June 2003.
Ba’ath Arabic word means ‘rebirth’. Ba’athis belief that combine Arab Socialism, militarism, nationalism, and pan-Arab. Secular ideology often conflict with other Arab governments in the Middle East, which tends to favor Islamism and theocracy.
The motto of this party is Wahdah, Hurriyah, Ishtirrakiyah means “Unity, Freedom, Socialism”. ‘Union’ means the pan-Arab unity, ‘Freedom’ emphasize freedom from Western influence, and ‘Socialism’ specifies the Arab Socialism.

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