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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency believes China is developing weapons programs that could be used against satellites and that Russia also has been working on a technology to disrupt or even disable the U.S. saletit. China is developing a missile (ASAT Anti-Satellite Weapon =) and electronic jammers that can destroy space satellites. 


As we noted earlier, China’s has been testing their anti-satellite missile capabilities in 2007. The missile is capable of destroying their own satellites. Estimated that only takes as much as 20 times the Chinese anti-satellite missile attack to destroy American satellites, which can eventually cause serious disruption to the entire U.S. military operations. Almost all U.S. military operations depend to their satellite. China spent $ 183 billion dollars in 2011 and then to their military. 


Beidou GPS China proclaimed that he had built a modern military force capable of protecting the integrity, territory, sovereignty, unity and guiding their psinsip. China’s Beidou GPS System will launch this year but it only covers the region and will include globally in 2020. The GPS system will get rid of their dependence on the network of the world’s largest satellite navigation which is owned by the United States. Russia also has developed technology that can disrupt or even disable U.S. satellites used for navigation, communications and intelligence.

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Syiah assad

Thursday, June 28th, 2012



Wednesday, June 27th, 2012







(VOICE OF JIHAD) The election committee of Egypt announced Dr. Muhammad Mursi as president in the ongoing election the previous day. Egypt has a pivotal role in the Middle East and the election of Dr. Muhammad Mursi, the candidate of the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen as the president is a great change on the Middle Eastern level and generally on the international level which carry the hopes of positive changes for the Islamic Emirate.

The success of the Islamic Government in Egypt is considered to be the strongest blow in the Middle East and the whole world to the American and Zionist expansionism. May the Muslim Nation of Egypt and their newly elected government take good advantage of this important occasion and historical victory in the defense and achievement of the interests of the Islamic Ummah.

Therefore the Islamic Emirate congratulates the Muslim Nation of the brotherly country Egypt and their elected president Dr. Muhammad Mursi on this glorious occasion and presents its best wishes.

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate prays to Allah Almighty that the newly elected government of Egypt serves its nation in the best possible way and on the whole successfully and legitimately defends the Islamic issues on the Muslim world level.

The Islamic Emirate appreciates all those supports rendered to the Afghans by the brotherly country of Egypt during the Russian occupation and similarly thanks from the core of heart the International Al-Azhar University for all those stances condemning the current occupation of the Americans and their atrocities.









Saudi Arabia Want to buy 800 Leopard tanks from Germany

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

FRANKFURT – Saudi Arabia plans to buy Leopard main battle tanks from Germany was far greater than originally expected. The latest news said the oil-rich country intends to purchase approximately 600-800 units of the German Leopard tanks.

Thus rumored German newspaper Bild am Sonntag on Sunday (6/17/2012). Prior to this, the news circulated only mention of Saudi Arabia to buy 300 units of main battle tanks.

With this latest contract, the purchase is estimated to be worth a total of 10 billion euros (Rp 118.5 trillion), which means it will be one of the biggest purchases a means of defense contract ever received by Germany. Leopard tanks will be manufactured in Spain under license from Germany.

Until now, the plan was still opposed by the purchase of the German Chancellor’s Office, Ministry of Defense and the German Foreign Ministry. However, the German Economics Ministry fully supports the plan.

Saudi Arabia’s own party wants the whole contract was signed before entering the month of Ramadan, July 20. The first contract for the purchase of 300 tanks was reportedly ready to be signed first.

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rusia already sell battle airplane to syria !!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012



MOSCOW – A Russian media reports, the Russian government has signed contracts to sell fighter planes to Syria.

The sale is a form of Russian support to Syria who were experiencing domestic political turmoil.

Source anonymity said the agreement between the Government of Russia and Syria related to the sale of 36 aircraft including the payment of the 130 crew who will send the plane reached USD550 million, or approximately Rp 4, 9 trillion (USD 8945 per USD). Similarly, as reported by The Washington Post, Monday (01/23/2012).

Russian Foreign Minister said last week that Moscow did not feel the need to explain or answer the suspicions related to the delivery of ammunition to Syria.

Syrian crisis is still not found a solution to the present. Arab League efforts to send a monitoring team to Syria rated not able to stop the violence in the country.

Recent reports Syrian Arab League rejected the new plan is proposed that President Bashar al-Assad resign from office and replaced by the Vice President. The Arab League also proposed that the formation of an interim government before elections (the elections) President held.

For Syria’s proposal is a form of intervention that can not be accepted. Behind accused Syria, the Arab League was behind the protests that took place in the country.

If the story is proven true, then the Russian government proved ignoring international efforts to pressure the government regime of President Bashar al-Assad is accused of responsibility for the killing of more than five thousand people in Syria.

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MiG-21 Fighter Pilot Defected Syria to Jordan

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012



Lost contact during practice session

Syrian fighter pilot made an emergency landing at a military base Jordan, then he asked for political asylum.

“The pilot was Russian-made MiG fighter aircraft made an emergency landing at a base in Mafraq King Hussein, northern Jordan near the Syrian border,” said a source in the government, which is not to be named told AFP.

But until now there has been no confirmation about the defection of a fighter pilot.

According to Syrian television, the authorities lost contact with the MiG-21, during a practice session.

“The plane was flown by Colonel Hassan Merhi al-Hamade, near the Syrian border, when it lost contact at 10:34 am local time,” the television report.

More than 120 thousand inhabitants fled to Syria after fleeing violence in their homeland.

The UN register of about 20 thousand of delivery.

Since violence erupted in Syria in March 2011, according to the UN and human rights organizations, about 15 thousand people have been killed.

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Sunday, June 24th, 2012


Violent protests in Tel Aviv; banks vandalized

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Boaz Fyler , Ynet News, June 24, 2012

Social protest turns violent: Demonstrators shatter windows in Tel Aviv, charge into banks; clashes between activists, police reported at several sites. Riots follow rally against police violence
Violent night in Tel Aviv: Social activists in Tel Aviv clashed with police across the city Saturday evening, at one point shattering windows and charging into banks in what is shaping up as unprecedented socioeconomic riots.

The night started with a rally against police violence, as some 2,000 protestors gathered in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square a day after 12 activists were detained by police during a social protest.

The demonstrators claimed police used uncalled for violence during Friday’s rally, holding up signs reading “Don’t touch my body, I have a right to speak up” and “Dear police officer, please don’t disrupt this citizen in performing his duty.”

Soon after, violent clashes erupted at various locations across Tel Aviv, including at banks near the city’s Rabin Square. Protestors shattered windows at some banks, in one case making their way into the bank with a tent, the symbol of last year’s housing protest, and barricading themselves inside.
Elsewhere, eggs were hurled at the Tel Aviv City Hall building. Protestors were also said to be heading towards the Arlozorov train station.

‘Freedom is ours’
According to police, windows were shattered in at least five bank branches. Some protestors chanted slogans slamming the ties between Israeli politicians and industrialists.

Protestors blocked one of the city’s main streets, Ibn Gvirol, and later also managed to halt traffic on the southbound lanes of the Ayalon Freeway.

Riot police attempted to contain he riots and keep roads clear of protestors, who kept on blocking traffic. More than 20 demonstrators were held for questioning by police. At one point, detainees were forced onto a bus by officers and taken away from the scene.

Attorney Barak Cohen, who said he was beat up by police officers and broke his nose, told Ynet that “we came here to make it clear to police that freedom is ours and not theirs.”

“They can use forceful means, at most. They would never be able to touch our soul, which is drenched with freedom,” he said. “They can only put our body in detention.”

Stav Shaffir, one of the leaders of last year’s social protest, told Ynet that “while we’re struggling for what we’ve been fighting for throughout the year, we realized there’s another struggle, a great one, for democracy.”

“It’s embarrassing to see the State of Israel using violent means and beating up protestors,” she said.

Gilad Morag and Eli Senior contributed to the report

Iran Law SBY Attend Non-Aligned Summit

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

“The vice president of Iran in particular have come here to convey the invitation to Mr. President to attend the summit nations Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran late August.”

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) are invited to attend the Non Aligned Summit in Tehran, Iran, late August.

The invitation was delivered by Vice President of Iran, Ebrahim Azizi, the Vice President, the Vice President Boediono on Friday (22/6).

“The vice president of Iran in particular have come here to convey the invitation to Mr. President to attend the summit nations Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran late August,” said the Vice President’s spokesman, Yopie Hidayat, Friday (22/6).

The invitation was for Indonesia as one of the founders of the Non-Aligned movement in the past. “The president of Iran sent specifically to convey his invitation to be present given the position of Indonesia Indonesia is very important,” said Yopie.

In addition to delivering the invitation, Boediono and Azizi also discussed bilateral relations. The meeting was called Yopie place with warm and friendly. Indonesia and Iran have common cultural and religious backgrounds. The second similarity, Yopie said, into two very important capital base that can be dsar strong ties between the two countries.

“The vice president expressed Iran Iran would appoint officials who are specifically tasked to improve relations with Indonesia, especially bilateral economic and trade,” said Yopie.

Non-Aligned Summit in Tehran-16 to be held on 26 to 31 August.

Non-Aligned Movement was first declared by the Declaration of Havana in 1979.

Movement member countries amounted to about two-thirds of the members of the United Nations Bansa and has 55 percent of the population.

Purpose of the establishment of the Non-Aligned Movement is to ensure the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Non-Aligned countries.

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Pakistan, the Taliban killed the singer “excommunicated”

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Murdered by hired assassins

Ghazala Javed, 23,
idol of pop music


Ghazala Javed was called and it was the most popular singer of Pakistan Pashtuns. They killed yesterday in Peshawar, with six shots, from a team of four men on motorcycles. The claim is not there yet, but the track is more likely that the Taliban. Who had threatened several times. For the simple reason that he sang, against the precepts of the Koran and Sharia law. Ghazala had fled his village in Swat Valley, now under the control of militants in order to continue his career. But it was not enough. They reached the big city where he achieved success and warm.

Police confirm “that was reached by six shots straight out of a beauty salon.” The first investigations were focused on the track, however, familiar with ex-husband as prime suspect. But a cousin of the girl, Wajid Omer, who plays the harmonica in Peshawar, said that “she was killed by unknown persons. It was four on two motorbikes. They also shot the father, who was with her. I think they were religious fanatics. ” Her sister, she on the spot, instead admitted to the hospital, in shock. “Can not bear the pain – Wajid says sadly – I have two funerals in the home at the same time. It is a hit too hard. “

Ghazala, from the village of Banrr, in the Swat valley, was the most popular singer in the Khyber region, and known throughout Pakistan, not only between boys and girls, but also at an older audience. He was respected by his fans, also for the courage shown after threats of the Taliban. Its implementation will have a tremendous impact on young people, and above all the other singers, terrorized by Islamists.

Anila, a disciple of his, says that may no longer have the courage to perform in public: “I am shocked. I cried. But I’m also scared and wonder if I can continue my career. ” Then, after a break, “Ghazala would have certainly continued, however, was so beautiful and brave.” Most of the singers in the region did not express their feelings openly. But we certainly feel the threat hanging over them. One, who wishes to remain anonymous, admits, “may strike us simply because we commented on the news of his death. But we have to honor it. It was a great example for young singers and a great companion for me. “

The music industry in the region of Khyber is not very friendly to artists, musicians and poets in general. In addition to the pressures of religious, there are other family or social order. And so the potential remains untapped talent of Pashtun music. One of the most important producers already regrets Ghazala: “He had an exceptional talent. Just started was immediately followed her in public. Maybe at the listeners were attracted by her beauty, but the number of fans in the region continued to grow at an incredible, for the angelic sound of his voice, his sense of music and rhythm. ” Ghazala was also admired for his courage to perform in public, despite the continued threats, “now his death is a shock, very violent,” he concludes.

Ghazala Javaid was really a wonderful girl Pashtun and his passing is a blow for his fans all over Pakistan, but the pain goes beyond the circle of his admirers, that Islamist terror has passed another threshold that seemed insurmountable .

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